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Say Cheese

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

School photo from the mid sixties, at a guess, there’s still a lot of pink on that map. Nice jumper too.

Found in the bottom of  box of 1960s 45s.

school photo


How Much For That suit?

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

How Much For That suit?

Forgotten photo, found in a box of 80’s tat, with the inscription ‘How much for that suit?’ on the back.

Kinky Boots

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Kinky Boots

For some reason someone has felt-tipped a pair of black thigh high boots onto this photograph of a girl at the beach? Found in a Sun Ra LP.

Paisley Party

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

paisley party

An unflattering snap, tossed into a stack of records never to be seen again.